Founded with the intention of empowering you to feel safe, Knockout specializes in discreet and accessible safety accessories. 

To Kate Davis, designer and CEO, safety means having a defense mechanism on hand that isn’t obtrusive or distracting. In 2016, after learning how to carve rings in wax, Kate created her first collection of functional and cool rings that act as an alternative to your classic keys-between-the-fingers. The rings are designed with an elegantly versatile edge that transitions from sleek to sharp for a worst case scenario.

“Though Davis doesn’t market her jewelry as weapons per-se, they certainly provide wearers with peace of mind, which, in many cases, is more than enough. For Davis, the issue isn’t necessarily whether or not women should have to buy products to stay safe — of course they shouldn’t. Instead, it’s about women having the option to choose what’s right for them.”*


Knockout is proud to donate 5% of all profits to the Mount Sinai Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention (SAVI) Program. Founded in 1984 as the Rape Crisis Intervention Program (RCIP), SAVI has provided high quality direct services to survivors of human trafficking, sexual and domestic violence and their loved ones, worked with coalitions to advocate policy and legislative changes on behalf of survivors, and promoted awareness of sexual and domestic violence in the communities it serves in East Harlem, the Upper East Side and Queens.


*View Knockout’s Interview with Alexandra Pauly on HypeBae.