With the goal of helping you feel safe, Knockout specializes in discreet and accessible safety accessories. 


Native New Yorker Kate Davis founded Knockout, a minimalist chic jewelry line with self-defense features, in 2016. Prior to starting her brand, she worked in arts administration. Inspired by her own lived experience in New York City, she always had safety in mind, and decided to create rings with hidden edges that flip from flat to pointed for personal protection for her friends. From there, her line expanded to include a variety of rings. Davis’s launch of pepper spray connects back to her biggest goal: to make you people feel powerful, protected and comfortable in your skin, with products designed with an aesthetic appeal.


“For Davis, the issue isn’t necessarily whether or not women should have to buy products to stay safe — of course they shouldn’t. Instead, it’s about women having the option to choose what’s right for them.”*



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Kate Davis